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In addition to railway transport, shipping, air cargo international transportation service, there are the following services:


1¡¢Warehousing services
We has two story concrete building warehouse, a building area of 20000 square meters, layer reaches as high as 9 meters scientific design, fire safety facilities, reservoir area is equipped with 23 cameras, 24 hour monitoring library and library condition, ensure the warehouse cargo security, warehouse loading and unloading the vehicle by the lane to two layers of unloading, warehouse 30 parking spaces for cargo vehicle loading and unloading, equipped with clean electric forklift operation.
Scope of business: international distribution, import distribution, transportation, LCL cargo sorting and packaging and pallets, bar code scanning and labeling, box, change the standard, to provide logistics project management, warehouse management, switching, U-Turn, local distribution and a series of related business.


2¡¢Intermodal service
Intermodal service is one of the transport services Transasia
Thanks to the solid platform and professional team, central rail sea intermodal transport after years of operation, has a greater influence on the market, the Eurasian Continental Bridge provides a low cost for the customer, efficient service. At present we are to provide customers with Japan and South Korea, Southeast Asia, Taiwan, Southern China, east to the Alashankou / Dost J to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan site of the sea rail transport services


3¡¢Trailer, customs clearance services
Transasia transport in all parts of the country with a number of professional large fleet and customs broker to establish a long-term good relations of cooperation, for customers to provide fast, safe trailer and customs clearance services, and provide fast customs clearance, special customs and other special services, to help customers fast punctual shipment of the goods.


4¡¢Warehousing and distribution services
Transaisa transport in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, a city has its own warehouse and distribution network, which can provide warehousing and distribution services for customers in each city.


5¡¢The domestic logistics service
(1) domestic shipping service
(2) motor line service
(3) domestic railway transport service
(4) the domestic cargo services


6, the Pearl River Delta regional barge service
Transasia transport with professional barge company cooperation,and provides the Pearl River Delta Region- coastal port¡¯s barge transport service . realize seamless connection between the Pearl River Delta and the coastal export port transportation, greatly save transportation cost, convenient for the Pearl River Delta region of the export customs declaration.


7¡¢Container trade
In the global ports to provide second-hand container sales, rental service; also can provide various types of new container customized services in China, can design according to customer requirements, do free advertising for your business, and provide the China Classification Society certificate.

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